About Us

We, at KSCC, are a team of accomplished and well qualified doctors, who are experts in their respective fields. We started with a common goal of getting together multiple medical and dental specialists, lab services, neurodiagnostics and physiotherapy, all under one roof. The idea is to provide quality consultation and ethical treatment advice to all the patients visiting us. This is a polyclinic with emphasis on complete neurological care and is a one stop solution for all brain, spine and other neuro problems. The emphasis is also on quality and advanced dental care. Specialists and super-specialists of nearly every medical and surgical sub-specialties are available on appointment basis.


We aim to make this centre a final destination in health care consultation in this part of Bangalore and Karnataka. The sheer ambition to provide excellence in all departments drives us forward.


We have a vision to firmly establish this centre as a destination for international medical tourism in the fields of Neurology and Advanced Dentistry. We aim to contribute to quality research in the above fields, and lead by example in these areas. Our motto is to firmly establish this centre as a centre of excellence in these fields. Going forward, we aim to start a fully equipped in-patient neurological care and neuro-rehabilitation facility.